Thursday, January 30, 2014

Free Books 21 & 22

When requesting a book, please indicate the book title and the photo and book numbers. Example: "The Three Waves of Globalization. Photo 2.7," which is the 7th book in the 2nd photo. Click on photos to see them in larger format.

Photo #21
  1. Healing the Wounds : The Promise of Ecofeminism
  2. The Spirit of the Soil : Agriculture and Environmental Ethics
  3. Adoption of New Ideas and Practices : a summary of the research dealing with the acceptance of technological change in agriculture, with implications for action in facilitating such change (Iowa, 1960)
  4. Global Ecology
  5. Statistics for Social Change
  6. The Wheatgrass Mechanism : Science and Imagination in the Western Canadian Landscape
  7. Agriculture in the City's Countryside
  8. Green Cities : Ecologically Sound Approaches to Urban Space
  9. Agroecology : The Science of Sustainable Agriculture
  10. Case Study Research : Design and Methods (taken)

Photo #22
  1. The Leisure Shock
  2. The Planning of Change
  3. Effective Evaluation : Improving the Usefulness of Evaluation Results Through Responsive and Naturalistic Approaches
  4. Intensive Agriculture and Sustainability : A Farming Systems Analysis
  5. Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada 1993
  6. Integrating Research : A Guide for Literature Reviews (taken)
  7. Outside the Lines : Issues in Interdisciplinary Research (taken)
  8. Self-Renewal : The Individual and the Innovative Society
  9. Hard Tomatoes, Hard Times : A Report of the Agribusiness Accountability Project on the Failure of America's Land Grant College Complex (taken)
  10. Case Study Method : Key Issues, Key Texts (taken)

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