Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Free Books 20

When requesting a book, please indicate the book title and the photo and book numbers. Example: "The Three Waves of Globalization. Photo 2.7," which is the 7th book in the 2nd photo. Click on photos to see them in larger format.

Photo #20
  1. Condensation of the Sixth Annual Review of the Economic Council of Canada: Perspective 1975
  2. Words that Count Women In
  3. Holding the Line: A Strategy for Canada's Development
  4. The Perkins Lectures
  5. The Universities of the Future: From the Ivory Tower to the Market Square
  6. Gateway to the Global Garden: Beta/ Gamma Science for Dealing with Ecological Rationality
  7. In Union is Strength
  8. Questions for Rural Canadians: Rural Dialogue Workbook
  9. Take Hogs, for Example: The Transformation of Hog Farming in America
  10. Local Government in Saskatchewan: A Report Submitted to the Government of Saskatchewan
  11. The Corporate Response to Workers with Family Responsibilities
  12. Farming Facts 1993: Statistical Insights on Canadian Agriculture
  13. The New Face of Poverty: Income Security Needs of Canadian Families
  14. Tourism Marketing for Rural Communities in Canada and the United States: Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
  15. Cooperatives and the Breakup of Large Mechanized Farms: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence (taken)
  16. Strategic Planning for the Community Economic Development Practitioner (taken)
  17. A Statistical Profile of Urban Poverty
  18. Citizen Participation in the '90s: Realities, Challenges and Opportunities
  19. La Couronne Canadienne: La Monarchie constitutionelle au Canada
  20. Saskatchewan Crown Corporations: Review 1996
  21. Poverty in Canada
  22. Issues Relating to Value-added Processing of Agricultural Products in Manitoba
  23. Off Farm Work by Farmers
  24. Manitoba: The Color of a Province (taken)
  25. Alberta: The Color of a Province
  26. Financial Assistance Programs for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
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