Thursday, February 27, 2014

Free Books 28 & 29

When requesting a book, please indicate the book title and the photo and book numbers. Example: "The Three Waves of Globalization. Photo 2.7," which is the 7th book in the 2nd photo. Click on photos to see them in larger format.

Photo #28
  1. The Evolution of Cooperation (taken)
  2. Patterns & Trends of Canadian Co-operative Development (taken)
  3. Harry Fowler: Co-operative Leadership (taken)
  4. Consumer Cooperation and the Society of the Future: from the writings of James Peter Warbasse (taken)
  5. Co-operation Between Co-operatives: A Case Study of Agricultural Co-operatives in the North East of the Republic of Ireland (taken)
  6. Save Our Shop: The Fall and Rise of the Small Co-operative Store (taken)
  7. Operational Efficiency of Agricultural Cooperatives in Developing Countries
  8. Canadian Co-operatives in the Year 2000: Memory, Mutual Aid and the Millennium (taken)
  9. Furrows, Faith and Fellowship: The History of the Farm Movement in Alberta, 1905–1966
  10. The International Co-operative Movement (taken)

Photo #29
  1. The Lord Helps Those ... : How the People of Nova Scotia are Solving Their Problems Through Co-operation (taken)
  2. Farmer Citizen: My 50 Years in the Canadian Farmers' Movement (W.C. Good) (taken)
  3. Caring and Sharing: The Centenary History of the Co-operative Women's Guild (taken)
  4. The Case for Workers' Co-ops (taken)
  5. Without Boundaries: Co-operative Sweden Today and Tomorrow
  6. Co-operatives: The British Achievement (taken)
  7. Workers' Co-operatives: Jobs and Dreams (taken)
  8. United We Stand: Prairie Farmers, 1901 – 1975 (taken)
  9. Canadian Co-operative Law (Francis, 1959) (taken)
  10. Law of Canadian Co-operatives (Ish, 1981) (taken)

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