Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Books, 13 & 14

When requesting a book, please indicate the book title and the photo and book numbers. Example: "The Three Waves of Globalization. Photo 2.7," which is the 7th book in the 2nd photo. Click on photos to see them in larger format.

Photo #13
  1. The Third Revolution
  2. Capital Formation in Canada
  3. Communities in Disaster
  4. An Introduction to Modern Economics
  5. Farmer's Movements in Canada (taken)
  6. The Modern Democratic State
  7. Canadian Foreign Policy
  8. Democratic Economic Policy (taken)
  9. In Pursuit of the Public Good
  10. The Leader of the Future: New Visions, Strategies and Practices for the Next Era

Photo #14
  1. Time to Change
  2. A Century of Grant MacEwan
  3. Organizational Strategy: Structure and Process
  4. A Political Sociology of Public Aid to Industry (taken)
  5. Planning and the Economy
  6. Game Theory in the Social Sciences
  7. Equity and Efficiencyc in Economic Development
  8. History of the USSU (taken)
  9. Cultivating Change, Achieving Results
  10. Vietnam-Canada: Friendship Beyond Border
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